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Storyshift est un AU d'Undertale créé par Voltrathelively sur Reddit. Comme Underswap, certains personnages changent de place, tout en gardant leur personnalité d'origine Storyshift is an Undertale AU (Alternate Universe) made by voltrathelively. It follows the same cast as the famous RPG Undertale with the characters are shifted so they fill different roles and stories, but do not change in personality nor species. This is a wiki made specifically for official Storyshift canon Boogie is Storyshift Shift 1's replacement of Flowey from the original Undertale. When Boogie is first found in the start of the Ruins in Clean up on Aisle One, they briefly explain how the Underground works

Storyshift (Preboot) is an alternate universe that was created by Reddit/Tumblr user voltrathelively, AKA Voltra. It is a role-swap AU, unique for being one of the first to not swap personalities, and instead have the characters retain their canon personality while still being in a new role It's my duty to free us all.....even if it leads to this..... - StoryShift Sans. Sans is the lazy King of the Underground. He is said to be very lazy and he used to be good friends with Toriel Dreemurr, the Captain of the Royal Guard, until Toriel thought he tried to hurt a human whom he was only slowly setting down to save them from a fall.He needs seven human souls to break the barrier. Asriel Dreemurr is the 4th main character shifted that the player meets in Storyshift, Shift 1. Not wanting to capture the human, but still wanting to enter into the royal guard, lead by his mother, Toriel. He takes the role of Papyrus from the original Undertale

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Storyswap is an Undertale AU based on Storyshift, where the characters' personalities are swapped like Underswap Chara (/ˈkæ.ɹʌ/ ou/ˈtʃɑː.ɹʌ/), aussi connu(e) comme étant le Premier Humain ou encore l'humain tombé, est le premier humain à être tombé dans l'Outremonde. Il s'agit de l'humain que le joueur nomme au début du jeu, et non du personnage que l'on contrôle tout au long d'Undertale. Il est dit que.. [Team Shifted]Undertale: StoryShift Version: 0.1.0 about 2 years ago. Its an UNdertale AU. Download (4 MB) Game Soundtrack. 3 songs. Soundtracks Flowey 1. Soundtracks Flowey 2. Soundtrack Papyrus 3. Soundtracks Frisk Download. An AU named STORYSHIFT that were characteers shifted by Flowey = Boogie Toriel = Paps Napstablook = Alphys Sans = Chara Paps = Azzy Undyne = Tori Alphys = Asgore. The fallen humans will offer a much more significant role in Storyshift than they had in Undertale--seen through their original names and designs, relationships with characters, and impact on the overall plot itself. Justine, who was adopted by Prince Papyrus, left a good impact on Old Home through her code of justice

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  1. The original version of Storyshift Flowey wasn't all too different from canon Flowey. Only a few lines of his dialogue were changed. On October 21, 2016, Flowey was redesigned as Boogie and their original identity of Napstablook became clearer due to prior confusion as to who was in Asriel's role
  2. Storyshift Wikia is a FANDOM Games Community. View Mobile Site DisneyTrivia EndgameHonest GalaxyQuest.
  3. Underswap est un AU où beaucoup de personnages ont leur rôles échangés, ainsi que leurs personnalités, bien que certains restent à leur place ou sont modifiés. Sans est le frère confiant, excitable et extrêmement optimiste alors que Papyrus soit le frère décontracté, protecteur suivant Chara. (Qui soit swappé avec Frisk.) Le plot d'Underswap se concentre sur le fait que les.
  4. Shifted Fate is an AU in which the principles used in Inverted Fate are applied to Storyshift, and so the characters retain their personalities from their original placements in Undertale. This AU is not the be confused with Inverted Shift, as that is something else. Similar to how Inverted Fate was created by Asriel, Shifted Fate was created by the actions of a bored Frisk. Having completed.

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Storyspin is an AU that reverses the roles from Storyshift for example, instead of Asriel being Papyrus, Papyrus is Asriel; this applies to all ten main role changes of Storyshift, as well as a few additions. The AU was originally developed by Lapiss, but eventually was cancelled and then handed over to Keno9988, who now is currently developing the comic TS!Underswap, aussi appelé Team Switched Underswap, est une take d'Underswap créée par la Team Switched sous la forme d'un jeu. Celle-ci n'échange en aucun cas les personnalités, et, en réalité, les gardent et les font s'étendre. Les représentations saisonnières des lieux sont aussi échangées. De nouveau personnages seront ajoutés. Personnages Undertale Chara est le protagoniste. Profile Appearance . Boogie appears as a faded golden flower with drooping petals. Personality . Initially, Boogie is presented as being fairly apathetic during their encounter with Frisk, not expressing much emotion and acting very straight to the point.However, after Frisk attempts to flee their tutorial battle, Boogie takes on a more sinister personality--destroying the battle buttons to. StoryShift (Undertale AU) Contributor. Eᴠᴇʀʏᴛʜɪɴɢ ɪꜱ Bʟᴜᴇ . 31. 3. 31. 3. About. Images: I do not own any of the images used in this wiki page. Help: This wiki lacks some pictures! If you see a picture about the AU that is not in this wiki, comment it below! Also, if you find anything wrong within the wiki, please let me know! AU Medium: It originally was a comic, but it.

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You can help Undertale Wiki by expanding it. Napstablook Napstablook.gif. Battle Napsta sprite.png. Overworld This monster doesn't seem to have a sense of humor... Character Information Also known as. BLOOKY * NAPPERHOG * SPOOKY BLOO BLOO * First Appearance. Ruins: Relationships. Mettaton (cousin) Dummy (possible cousin) Mad Dummy (possible cousin) Leitmotif. Ghost Fight Pathetic House. NITRO's Official Discord Server! https://discord.gg/SvDArqN There apparently was a mix up on the crediting and I properly updated the link and fixed it, plea..

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Storyshift est un AU créé par voltrathelively sur Reddit. Un peu comme dans Underswap, la plupart des personnages ont changé de rôles avec d'autres personnages, mais dans cet AU ils ont gardé leur caractère original A usual Undertale Wiki has more AU pages than this WIKI, CREATED SPECIALLY ABOUT AUS! That`s horrible, so we surely need more activity here, and I have few suggestions. Firstly, we need to add information about the most known and main AUs. We need a to-do-list (my version of it is in the end), maybe we should popularize this Wiki to have more members, especially active ones. It would be. StorySwap/SwapShift is a UnderTale AU that fuses the popular UnderTale AUs UnderSwap and StoryShift.There are currently to versions of the AU made by fans.Here are the swaps: Version 1 : Mettaton > Frisk. Asriel > Sans. Chara > Papyrus. Sans > Toriel. Napstablook > Chara. Frisk > Asriel. Papyrus > Asgore. Asgore > Undyne . Toriel > Alphys. Alphys > Mettaton. Undyne > Napstablook. Temmie. Chara plays a supporting role in Storyshift. They are very happy when they meet Frisk, starting to follow them in their journey to Snowdin, giving them advice and teasing them. Chara refers to them as pretty mirror or partner. Asriel Edit. Asriel is Chara's adoptive brother. They love Asriel a lot, caring about him and protecting him when it is needed. They consider him the cutest and. Storyshift is an AU consisting ofpe pe head LOL! :- ) JUST KIDDING!!! anyway haha. its ok guys im going to write a really good au sorry im using dragon dictation its picking up everything i what the fuck are you doign in my room mom no i dont want hot pockets im not fucking hungry shit i have a math test tomorrow (wip) 11 2 3 4 one two three six nine twelve 0_____0 this one is kinda scary doe.

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Storyspin est un AU Switch Up publié pour la première fois le 3 avril 2016. Les conversions de personnages reposent sur le principe de reprendre les rôles de Storyshift et de les inverser (Exemple: Undyne remplace Mettaton dans Storyshift, donc Mettaton remplace Undyne dans Storyspin). À l'origine, l'AU avait choisi Snowdin, mais l'auteur avait décidé de l'annuler et de le redémarrer. Storyshift is an AU consisting ofpe pe head LOL! :- ) JUST KIDDING!!! anyway haha. its ok guys im going to write a really good au sorry im using dragon dictation its picking up everything i what the fuck are you doign in my room mom no i dont want hot pockets im not fucking hungry shit i have a math test tomorrow (wip) 11 2 3 4 one two three six nine twelve 0_____0 this one is kinda scary doe.

Storyshift Chara is a new monster that costs 2000 Tem Tokens. ATTACKS: Blade Rush: It summons multiple knives that surround wherever you click. (Can Spawn some from the ceiling to fall down), Chaos Buster: It's like a Gaster Blaster however,it takes a bit longer to shoot but the beam is larger and last longer and it's also spammable., Knife Toss: It summons a ton of knives that flies in the. Storyshift RP | Undertale RP Wikia | Fandom. FANDOM. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central ; Start a Wiki Also, As Boogie, Can You Feel. Because, Flowey In The Undertale AU, Can't. Loading editor. 03:15, April 1, 2017. More History; Done. Save changes Preview Cancel. 0 Kudos Puppycornashlynn (Also, I Know Its April Fools Day Today, But...Nothing Related To It. Undertale AU Wiki. 19 Pages. Add new page. Popular pages. Most visited articles. JASPERTALE; Videos. Underpants - Normal Ending (SPOILERS) Underpants - True Ending (SPOILERS) Underpants - Genocide Ending (SPOILERS) UNDERPANTS - 17; Underpants - Genocide Ending (APRIL FOOLS)-Undertale AU- Underswap - All Themes; Help tale Lucky Seven theme H A P P Y (Papyrus) Jaspertale. JASPERTALE; Jaspertale.

DON'T WORRY, PRINCE PAPYRUS IS HERE! ― Prince Papyrus Prince Papyrus is the second major character encountered in Storyshift. Prince Papyrus is a tall skeleton monster clad in royal uniform, complete with Delta Rune-emblazoned robes, epaulettes, and boots. Despite being a skeleton, his facial structure allows him to show off a variety of facial expressions through his eyebrows, smile. Storyshift Asriel, Ice cream, when things make sense. Dislikes. Dust!Sans. Place of Birth? Physical Description. Species. Boss Monster/Goat. Sex. Unknown. Height. 6' 4 Hair color. Cream. Eye color . Pink. first creator CorgiMaster. warriorcatponybox art creator and spelling fixer. Contents . Sup! I'm Asriel! Welcome to my page! Protector!Asriel is an Asriel that protects the multiverse. He.

Armor Armor is an equippable item that increases max health. Armor can be bought in the shop or obtained via defeating bosses. Once you get max level, 100, you will get 500 Extra Health points. 1 Sprites 1.1 Blank 1.2 Scarf 1.3 Original Sprites A blank sprite is used for armor that has an.. Greetings. I am <Name>. Chara's introduction at the end of a Genocide Route Chara (/ˈkærə/ KARR-ə ), also known as the first human or the fallen human, is the first human to fall into the Underground. Chara is also the fallen human that the player names at the start of the game, and not the controllable character who is played throughout the entirety of Undertale. Chara looks strikingly. AlphaTale Wiki This Wiki was created to introduce you all to the first AU, AlphaTale.. There are currently 36 articles and 185 files on the site! Please be sure to thoroughly read the Policy of the Wiki before contributing

Undertale • Deltarune Undertale AU Central • Undertale OC Central • Ideas Central Akintale • AlphaTale • Altertale • Axetale • Glitchtale • Hellverse • Horrortale • Inverted Fate • MentalTale • Reapertale • Storyshift • TS!Underswap • Underfell • Underswap • Undertale Rho • Undertale Yellow • UnderWar • Vĕdomitale • X-Tale/Undervers Boogie is the first character you find.They tell you about how things work in Underground. Their appearance is the same as Flowey in vanilla Undertale, but sadder. Their petals droop down, indicating their depression more so. They also have duller colors than Flowey Make sure to include references for information contributed to the wiki! 2.) In addition to rule 1, please do not contribute completely irrelevant information, as this Wiki page is obviously meant for TS!UNDERSWAP and not any other subject. 3.) Please make sure to use proper formatting when making pages. If you're confused, please reference. Foolish. Foolish! FOOLISH! Mad Dummy during the fight. Mad Dummy is a ghost monster living inside a dummy located in the Garbage Dump. They also serve as a mini-boss in Waterfall. Mad Dummy takes the appearance of a dummy with a set of upper teeth on the torso, a set of eyes on the head, and nostrils on the nose. However, as Glad Dummy, they instead have two happily closed eyes, along with a.

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  1. Underfell is one of the many alternate universes (AUs), or retellings, of Undertale, a role-playing video game made by indie developer Toby Fox. Underfell does not have a canon story line, but rather serves as a design aesthetic. Most commonly, it relies on a role reversal of the kill or be killed line spoken by Flowey in the original game
  2. Welcome to the Undertale: Chronicle Wiki. Please be warned that this wiki does contain major spoilers. Want to avoid these? Simply visit the Chronological Order page to see all the written stories, both in progress and completed! Fair warning, this wiki is far from completed. Information will be added as it becomes relevant. You will only find information in this wiki that directly correlates.
  3. gly Dreemurr after they were adopted by Asgore and Toriel, and their son Asriel Dreemurr. They enable the protagonist named Frisk to save the game's main antagonist and guide them throughout.
  4. Wiki Undertale AU FR Bienvenue sur la nouvelle encyclopédie française sur les AUs (alternate universes ou univers alternatifs) d'Undertale.. Il y a actuellement 79 artcles, 331 fichiers, 5 utilisateurs actifs et vous pouvez aider.. Néanmoins, avant de contribuer à ce wiki, veuillez s'il-vous-plaît lire les règles du wiki.. Si vous avez des questions, n'hésitez pas à contacter Zeno.
  5. Grillby's is a pub located in Snowdin. It is named after and run by Grillby, a monster made entirely of fire. Many different monsters, such as the Snowdin Canine Unit, can be found relaxing, playing cards, and talking. If the protagonist decides to go with Sans when he goes to Grillby's on his break, it is revealed that he is a well-known regular, even having a tab
  6. SoulShatters is a fighting game using characters from Undertale and the fan-made Glitchtale, StoryShift and X-tale. 1 Current Characters 1.1 Undertale 1.2 Glitchtale 1.3 Storyshift 1.4 XTale 1.5 Gamepass Asriel Sans Frisk Chara Undyne Bete Noire Frisk Chara Sans/Chara Carrot God Stevonni

Underswap The AU Where Everybody Switches! Characters Popcorn Pr1nce's Underswap Characters Music Community We have a supporting community ready to help at any time! Undertale • Deltarune Undertale AU Central • Undertale OC Central Akintale • AlphaTale • Altertale • Axetale • Glitchtale • Hellverse • Horrortale • Inverted Fate • MentalTale • Reapertale • Storyshift. Stream [Undertale AU - Storyshift] Ura Ha Ha! by keno9988ii from desktop or your mobile device. SoundCloud [Undertale AU - Storyshift] Ura Ha Ha! by keno9988ii published on 2016-03-25T19:22:04Z. Genre ura ha ha Comment by dusttrustsans. Urag urag gack* 2020-10-03T15:15:22Z Comment by Geno.

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  1. #undertale #storyshift #storyshift au #chara storyshift #undertale storyshift #also ye #i know their shirt doesn't have a stripe #but i wanted to put it there #probably i'll do more doodles of this child #or ones about sad skeleking #storyshift is good stuff #myar
  2. This takes place, after a reset, that happened 'suddenly', Post-True-Pacifist, in the Storyshift RP. Frisk, wakes up, confused. They look around, and see, Mettacritt.
  3. Sara is a female gaster but she acts different and her name is different she is wearing a black lab coat thing she has blue and dark green eyes, when she is angry she has a mix of both colors as one glowing eye. and now her inside sweater is gree
  4. Reapertale Wikia This wiki is about the Undertale AU Reapertale.. There are currently 19 articles, 62 files, and 6 active users on the site! This site contains information for the undertale AU Reapertale.So if you haven't read the comic, please be cautious because spoilers are ahead
  5. THIS WAS NOT MADE BY OR W/VOLTRATHELIVELY This is fan-made and is not canon to the Storyshift Universe. Find the original here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Unde..

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Quantumtale est basé autour de l'idée d'un reset glitché envoyant Frisk dans une timeline antérieure, mais un bug va donner le pouvoir de voyager dans le temps ainsi que de contrôler le temps à Sans. Néanmoins, Sans et Frisk ne sont pas les seuls au courant de sa capacité à voyager dans le temps. Quantumtale raconte l'histoire d'un enfant étant tombé dans l'underground, du nom de. Cover art from here: http://beforuskanaya.tumblr.com/post/138140004663/i-just-found-ut-storyshift-and-its-so-cute-and Original track by keno9988ii on soundcl..

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  1. ation: 3.2 UF!Deter
  2. unitale→https://www.reddit.com/r/Unitale/ DLは→https://gamejolt.com/games/devilovania/343813 creator: Vladimir Ignitio (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBdSV..
  3. After you, (the protagonist), repeatedly play through a Genocide Route, Sans gets sick (cough) of watching Papyrus, and his friends turn to dust and die, so he finally decides to interfere. He stops Papyrus from fighting you in Snowdin, and tries to fight you himself, but dies, leaving Papyrus to watch all of his friends die with his own eyes. Instead of meeting Sans in the Last Corridor, you.
  4. Edit (6/1/2017): Video got hit with a copyright claim, was able to remove it. Now the video is up for those to enjoy again. This is a undertale battle based.
  5. UnderWar is an Undertale AU created by TheDarkestDecent based off of the fact Monsters came to the surface and TRIED to be friends with the humans, but certain monsters and humans didn't like it and fought, starting a war that split the world in two. Monsters in the northern hemisphere and humans in the south, living in a mega city spanning australia, named Lazurus
  6. A: Differences from canonical StoryShift. This is the soul of Curiosity, one of the new traits in canonical StoryShift. Now it belongs to the Player, but still has a lot of DT Power to control the Timelines
  7. UF!Bravery Fragment (40%) (drop bugged, doesnt drop). 1000 Gold (Base) 1000 EXP (Base
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Deltarune Wiki. Welcome to the most informative encyclopedia on Deltarune!. We are currently maintaining 101 articles and 228 files, and you can help! Please be sure to thoroughly read the Rules and Guidelines before you begin editing.. This wiki recommends refraining from reading most, if not all, of its articles in order to avoid spoilers unless you've reached the end of Chapter 1 of. Summary: StoryShift Chara is an absolute powerhouse. SS!Chara can deal damage up close and from afar, and has amazing combat potential. Combine that with the ability to automatically dodge attacks and the ability to teleport, you get a character that's only used to kill that sans who trashed..

photo of Storyshift!Asriel Dreemurr for fans of undertale 3969270 Welcome to the Soul Shatter Wiki! (FANMADE) This is an unofficial wiki for the ROBLOX game, SoulShatters, which is based on multiple AUs for UNDERTALE, which stand for Alternate Universes. Currently, there are 3 AUs, or 4 if you count the gamepasses that include Stevonnie from Steven Universe.. Quiz Undertale AU, spécial AU ''switch'', comme Storyshift : Un quiz sur les AUs de type switch cette fois-ci. Encore une fois, toutes les infos viennent du Wiki des AUs. Enjoy ! - Q1: Commençons facilement. Dans « Underswap », l'un de ces swaps est canon et les autres non. Lequel est canon ? Mad Dummy et Dummy (le mannequin des ruines), Nice Cream Guy et Burgerpants, W.D. Gaster et River. Glitchtale Wiki is a Glitchtale encyclopedia written collaboratively by its readers, who are known as Wikians. The site is a Wiki, meaning that anyone who has an account, can edit almost any article right now by clicking on the Edit button that appears at the top of the page. Remember, the story cannot be predicted that easily. This Wiki is a. UnderTale StoryShift FAN CLUB Add any UT StoryShift art or projects! Btw My faaaaaav StoryShift charcter is StoryShift Chara. Undertale StoryShift Fan Club ( 33 Followers ) Projects ( 64) Comments ( 8) Curators; Activity; About. About Scratch; For Parents; For Educators; For Developers; Credits; Jobs; Press ; Community. Community Guidelines; Discussion Forums; Scratch Wiki; Statistics; Support.

This is a fan subreddit for discussion, speculation and fanwork of the Storyshift AU. Storyshift is an alternate universe of Undertale where the story seems the same so far but the characters' roles are shifted around. For example, Papyrus is now the caretaker of The Ruins Undertale is created by Toby Fox, who is a dog. Toby's next project is DELTARUNE, a legend whispered among shadows. Deltarune Chapter 1 is a free download for Windows and Mac. Deltarune fanwork and discussion are welcome. Blue stop signs. You may post openly about all parts of Undertale and Deltarune, no spoiler tags needed. Our rules Jeux vidéo Undertale Niveau difficile (60% de réussite) 20 questions - 125 joueurs Un autre quiz sur les AU d'« Undertale » car j'adore les AU

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Storyshift-Chara-Scratcher Joined 3 years, 4 months ago United States. About me. I love undertale well basically all tales . What I'm working on. Featured Project. Asriel Dreamurr fight. What I've been doing. Shared Projects (4) View all. Storyshift chara. Wiki Undertale AU FR est une communauté de FANDOM appartenant à la catégorie Jeux vidéo Storyshift is an alternate universe of Undertale where the characters' roles are shifted around in pairs. For example, Papyrus is now the caretaker of The Ruins and Sans is the king of the Underground. created by [deleted] a community for 3 years. message the moderators . MODERATORS. voltrathelively; TrustyGun; CHAOS_FANTAZY Resident Lurker, Co-Creator of Scramble Saga; about moderation team. Resets are unlocked once you reach max level in Undertale AU Destroyer. Resets cost a specific amount of Gold and Reset all Shop items, Gold, Soul Fragments, and Levels. Permanent items will be kept. Resets unlock new bosses and give you a Gold multiplier and a pink number on the leaderboard. Resets cost the number of the Reset multiplied by 100k (eg. Reset 1 = 100k Gold, ) A True Reset is. Undertale AU Wiki. 19 Pages. Add new page. Popular pages. Most visited articles. Spongetale; Fnaftale; JASPERTALE; Poketale; Videos. Underpants - Normal Ending (SPOILERS) Underpants - True Ending (SPOILERS) Underpants - Genocide Ending (SPOILERS) UNDERPANTS - 17; Underpants - Genocide Ending (APRIL FOOLS)-Undertale AU- Underswap - All Themes; Help tale Lucky Seven theme H A P P Y (Papyrus.

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Storyshift is when all the characters are swapped into completely different places than where they original were except for Frisk. It's kinda like Underswap but a lot more mixed up. The Latest On The Wiki Edit Retrieved from https://storyshift-ut.fandom.com/wiki/Storyshift-ut_community?oldid=13 Bosses are the main feature of Undertale AU Destroyer. They can be found across the map and can be fought for Exp, Gold, Soul Fragments, weapons, and armor. 1 HP Bosses 2 Block Bosses 3 Dodge Bosses 4 Fight Bosses 5 Boss Chart HP Bosses are the easiest and most common bosses in Undertale AUD. HP bosses are normally weak enemies found in AUs. The best weapons for HP Bosses are the Tentacle.

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UNDERTALE, by indie developer Toby Fox, is a video game for PC, PS4, Vita, and Switch. Undertale is about a child who falls into an underworld.. null and more great discussions about Fan-Undertale Wiki EpicTale is an animated comic AU created by SansyMan on Vlogspot.It started on 21st November 2015 and got 7 total volumes, until it ended on 7th November 2016. Volume 1 is the start of the AU.It was released on 21st November 2015.It involves Frisk falling into the underground.While he's lying on the golden flowers, a blinding flash of white light fills the area, and Frisk is teleported into. Undertale • DeltaruneUndertale AU Central • Undertale OC Central • Ideas CentralAkintale • AlphaTale • Altertale • Axetale • Crazy Fanfics • Glitchtale • Hellverse • Horrortale • Inverted Fate • Reapertale • Storyshift • TS!Underswap • Underfell • Underswap • Undertale Chronicle • Undertale Rho..

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Downloading StoryShift Chara Simulator [Undertale AU]... Your download should begin in just a moment.. Welcome to the Inverted Fate Wiki! Welcome to the official wiki of Inverted Fate, an Undertale webcomic created by Dorked (also known as Derpisms).. This wiki is a work in progress, so please pardon the mess! We hope to get things situated very soon Unknown - First: Unknown, Second: Unknown, Third: Unknown. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyon

Epic!Shift Chara | Wiki | Undertale AminoHorrorShift AU | Wiki | Undertale AUs AminoUnderpants | Undertale AU Wiki | Fandom powered by WikiaStoryswap Asriel | Joke Battles Wikia | Fandom

Undertale OC Wiki Welcome to the biggest encyclopedia on Undertale and Deltarune OCs.. There are currently 186 articles and 505 files to the site, you can add more!. If you are new it is REQUIRED for you to read the Rules and Guidelines and the Policy of the Wiki BEFORE contributing to our Wiki. If there is anything you need help with, contact an Admin on this list 1 Welcome to the Axetale Wiki 2 The Beginning 3 The Humans 3.1 The People 3.2 The Places 4 The Ruins 4.1 The People 4.2 The Places 5 Snowdin 5.1 The People 5.2 The Places 6 Waterfall 6.1 The People 6.2 The Places 7 Hotland 7.1 The People 7.2 The Places 8 The Core 8.1 The People 8.2 The Places 9 New Home 9.1 The People 9.2 The Places 10 Important Items 11 Important Terms and Subjects 12 Other. Undertale Storyshift AU Quiz. SofaZebra. 1. 9. Okay! First question! Easy one! In Storyshift, who takes the place of Toriel, and watches over the ruins? Sans. Papyrus. Chara. Asgore « » Log in or sign up. Show discussion 14. The wiki about Altertale and it's AUs. There are currently 8 articles and 26 files to the site, you can add more! Given the nature of AUs, spoilers for the original Undertale will be present here. It is highly recommended that you've already played the game before reading this wiki Storyshift is an alternate universe of Undertale Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log in sign up. User account menu. Storyshift Subreddit r/ Storyshift. Join. hot. hot new top rising. hot. new. top. rising. card. card classic compact. 49. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived Stickied post. Storyshift Reboot Intro and Part 1. Official. Storyshift | Undertale AU Wiki | Fandom. Posted: (3 days ago) Storyshift was the first AU to use the sprite comic formula. Storyshift was the AU to popularize the type of Switch Up AUs to not swap character personalities. If it was the first remains unknown. Chara's secret room has a picture of Chara with a pair of twins. These twins are.

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